"Bradley Dean coached me back to sanity after a vocal injury that stopped me from singing for two years. His ability to teach the science of singing, plus using visuals helped me focus on facts and not just feelings. After three weeks of lessons I knew I was going to sing and sing well again. If you can study with Bradley, do it now."

Robin De Jesus, two time Tony nominee for In the Heights and La Cage Aux Folles


"Bradley Dean is a wonderful voice teacher and vocal coach. Bradley is encouraging, inspiring and kind. Bradley creates an environment that is very productive and challenges you beyond your greatest self."


- Jason E. Bernard, Tap dancer & Choreographer from the Broadway Productions of Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk, Riverdance & Cotton Club Parade


"I am constantly recommending Bradley to fellow singers for two reasons: 1) He is able to distill the complex mechanics of singing into simple images that make sense to anyone, regardless of their experience level. 2) He is one of Broadway's busiest actors, which gives him unparalleled knowledge of current musical theatre trends, styles and repertoire. Bradley will make you a better singer." 


- Steve French, Drama Desk Award-winning actor, member of Broadway Inspirational Voices


The Science Of Singing:


To the professional singer: 


Do you ever have days when you sing well and days when you don’t and you aren’t quite sure why?  In the supernaturally competitive world of professional singing, that uncertainty on the wrong day can have far reaching consequences.  That uncertainty used to be my default position UNTIL… I discovered a technique that removed the guesswork. A technique that is founded in science, that is accessible and repeatable because it deals with facts, that focuses on real physical sensations happening in the moment that are clear and identifiable and let us know the muscles are moving efficiently, that emphasizes a rock solid understanding of anatomy so that we can demystify the process while at the same time maintaining the mystical by accessing the elegant universe of applied imagery to make this finely calibrated instrument function as nature intends.  No more guesswork…Hard work, yes….  But specific, focused, meditative, easy-to-identify-your-improvement, deeply satisfying kind of work. The end result of which is a freedom in body, mind, and voice that is joyous, thrilling, and will get you work. 


To the aspiring professional singer: 

What I can offer you in addition to the above is my 30 years working as an actor and singer, the last 15 of which have been almost exclusively in New York City.  Broadway theaters are my everyday workplace which has kept my finger on the pulse of what is current and necessary for vocal production in today’s professional musical theater market. 


To the Singer who doesn't yet identify themselves as a singer: 


Whether you are primarily a dancer, an actor, or simply someone who has always wanted to sing… this technique will be a salve to any fear you may have and a clear, bright, guiding light into the mystery of singing.


How it works:

My lessons are an hour, my rate is $90 and I teach at my home studio Washington Heights, steps from the A Express train as well as at 244 Studios, 244 West 54th St. 10th Floor.  Each lesson is tailored to the specific needs of every student. The hour is part technical workout, what I like to call “The Gym”, a place to tune the mechanics, learn the anatomy, and stretch the muscles.  The other part is applying all ideas to repertoire. I have played piano for 30 years and two decades of coaching in New York both privately and at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts have helped me establish a vast library of songs to enhance and challenge every voice. The only thing you need bring is a recording device, sheet music if you have it, and a desire to sing freely.  Come sing with me.